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Ok so you’ve bought a new garment and you love it so much it needs cleaning.

What do I do? First place to look is at the instruction label inside the garment.

If there isn’t one there, bring it in to your local Clean Inc Store where one of our highly trained staff will advise you on what to do

So once you’ve washed your clothes this table will show you how to safely dry your clothes. Remember you can also dry your clothes naturally on a washing line or using radiator.

Your next consideration is ironing your clothes. Don’t forget www.cleaninc.co.uk offers a full range of laundry services so you don’t have to!

The final section gives a guide to Dry cleaning, if in any doubt please come in store at www.cleaninc.co.uk where one of our Managers will be happy to advise on the correct option for your favorite garment.